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A clean oven and hobOven Cleaning

Oven Restore follow a precise process to ensure each clean gives outstanding results.

On arrival at your home Oven Restore will inspect all internal and external areas of your appliances that are to be cleaned and record any faults, scratches or missing parts that already exist with the appliance.

The work area will be dust sheeted and protected with rubber mats whilst the work is being carried out also carpet runners will be laid if needed to protect your carpets in hallways should this be necessary. The process we use removes all traces of carbon from all the removable parts of your oven the removable parts are dismantled from your appliance and placed in our bespoke heated tank mounted within our vehicle for a deep clean where the grease and burnt on food deposits can be erased all the racks and grill pans are degreased and de-carbonised and subject to their original condition and age, nearly always come out looking as good as new.

Whilst this process is being done our Oven Restore Technician will be cleaning and degreasing the interior of the oven with a non-caustic bio degradable formula to remove accumulated grease and carbon deposits also removing and splitting the oven doors where possible to clean the glass inside and out, removing all the burnt on grease splashes. At this stage the fan and fan plate on any electric oven will be removed and cleaned and any carbon behind the fan will be removed as this would usual be the cause of smoking from the oven at high temperatures and in extreme cases can be a fire hazard.

The appliance is then carefully reassembled and polished up resulting in a fresh, clean, hygienic oven which you can use immediately with no chemical smells or residues.

Inside a clean ovenFinally, enamel finished cookers are polished using our special deep cleansing polish, while the stainless steel appliances are treated with a special stainless steel rejuvenator oil.

Oven Restore ensures the cleaning process is carried out with minimal disturbance and what’s more, our bio degradable, caustic-free, eco-friendly solutions mean your oven and appliances are completely safe to use as soon as Oven Restore have finished!

Many Oven Restore customers like to book a 6/12 monthly annual return to keep the Oven clean and working efficiently this can be arranged on the day of your first clean.

What our customers say about us...

First time I have had my oven cleaned and it's the best
money I have ever spent! I cannot believe how well it has come up - many thanks
to Ian for his hard work.

Mrs Jones

Hi Ian

We were very pleased with the oven clean you did, would
thoroughly recommend you and would use oven restore oven is like
new now!

Thanks again,

Lydia Stancer

Following on from your visit to our house last week, I just wanted to let you know how thoroughly delighted we are with the clean you did.

While I wasn't there, my wife said that having you in the house was a pleasure.

The ovens look amazing and the price was great. Thank you for a great job and let's make sure we keep in touch so we can have you back the next time. We just won't leave it at as long this time.


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