Totally Eco Friendly

A clean hobWhy not have your Hob cleaned for total satisfaction of your kitchen appliances?

All of your hobs removable parts follow the same process as the oven cleaning which removes all traces of carbon from all the racks and hob rings leaving a deep clean finish, these are then rinsed, dried and polished and replaced back on the hob.

Oven Restore ensures the cleaning process is carried out with minimal disturbance and what’s more, our bio degradable, caustic-free, eco-friendly solutions means your hob is completely safe to use as soon as Oven Restore have finished!

We would recommend that you have your Hob cleaned at least every 6 to 12 months to maintain maximum efficiency

What our customers say about us...

Just had my range cleaned. It now looks like new. Thank
you so much.

Happy Customer

I called Oven Restore for a quote and my oven was cleaned the same week. The service was brilliant. I was amazed at how clean my oven was it looked just like new!! they really had done a brilliant job. I will definitely use Oven Restore again.


Dear Mr Oven Cleaning man

Thankyou for making my oven look like new. You did a great job, im telling every one about you.


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